How to shop

On this page:
+ Shop layout and navigation
- Using Catalogues - finding your products quickly
- Small product pages - quick ordering
- Large product pages - detailed description of each product
+ Ordering - adding items to cart
- Product options and attributes
+ The shopping cart - changing quantities, removing items and shipping options
+ The checkout explained

Shop Layout

We have complete reorganised the shop to make finding the product you are after faster and importantly make the ordering of your favorite products simpler.

Understanding the shopping pages

How to Shop with NEHOCdirect

This is the homepage for the top level catalogues in NEHOCdirect - from here you can enter any of the catalogues and begin shopping.

1. Member Sign In

You must be Signed In to view Member specials, member pricing and receive Free Freight offers in the Checkout.

2. Main navigation menus

Click on these buttons to visit the top level of the catalogue, showing any sub-catalogues.
Hover your mouse to view the drop down menus.

3. Page breadcrumbs

See where you are within the site at a glance.
Can also be used to navigate backwards through a catalogue.

4. Product catalogues

Select the products you wish to view.

5. Quick links

Some commonly accessed links and information

6. Product search

Not sure what you are looking for, search the site.

Let's look inside a catalogue

The following example walks you through the site, shopping cart and checkout. Either print this page and walk through as we go, or open a new browser tab.

Firstly let's enter a catalogue, for this example open the Clothing Catalogue - either by using the top navigation menu or from the page contents (number 4 above).

Pictured right is the start of the catalogues you will see - now click on the T-shirt Catalogue (either the picture or the word will work).

Pictured below, you have now entered the Clothing Catalogue, which displays any sub catalogues (2) and in some catalogues products that are commonly purchased or may not fit into one of the sub catalogues.

How to Shop with NEHOCdirect


1. Page breadcrumbs

There's now 3 different links showing:
NEHOCdirect - this will take you back to the shop homepage
Clothing - takes you back to the homepage of the Clothing catalogue
T-shirt - this is the catalogue you are currently viewing

2. Available sub-catalogues

Some catalogues can contain hundreds of products, so we have divided them into like groups to make the process faster and less confusing. You don't want to browse through 300 polo shirts if you are after a T-shirt!
- For clothing these may be Kids, Ladies, Adults, etc.
- Screen Printing it may be Machines, Inks, Mesh, Squeegee, etc.

3. Products

Commonly the products listed will be the top selling products (saves you having to enter the next level catalogue), products on special, products on clearance or other offers.

You can order directly from this page.

For details on the products, see next section below.

Small Product Page (Sub-Catalogues / Product Listing Page)

A listing of all the products within the catalogue makes reordering a product faster, as there's no need to go past this page and enter the product details page (also called the Small product Page).
Below, we have entered the Adults Catalogue by clicking on Adults picture (or word) in the displayed sub-catalogues.

Small Product Page
1. Page breadcrumbs

There's now 4 different links showing:
NEHOCdirect - this will take you back to the shop homepage
Clothing - takes you back to the Clothing Catalogue homepage
T-shirt - takes you back to the 4-shirt Catalogue homepage you just came from
- this is the catalogue you are currently viewing

Note there's no further catalogues shown between the Breadcrumbs (1) and the products (2).

2. Product name and picture

Click on either of these to view the large product page (described below)

3. Price

Details the RRP and our price.
Note to view Members pricing you must be Signed In.

4. Bulk Buy

Where volume discounts are available it will be noted here.

5. Product Options

Not all products have options, such as a 110mm squeegee, however if a product does contain a range of options they are grouped together to speed ordering.

6. Quantity and Add to Cart

Quantity box and add to cart button.

Large Product Page (Product Details Page)

The large product page is a detailed product description and listing of all the available items, package or kit contents, etc.
Below we have clicked on the product 'Mens Tee' to open and display the Large Product Page.

Small Product Page

1. Page breadcrumbs

As you have not entered any other catalogue (just a detailed product description) this has not changed.

2. Product Name and Code

When searching these are the best things to use..

3. Description

Detailed description of the product including attributes, contents for packages and kits and important information.

4. Price

Details the RRP and our price.
Note to view Members pricing you must be Signed In.

5. Availability

We aim to supply all your requirements first time and ship from the warehouse same or next day.

6. Product options

Where product options are available they will be displayed here.

7. Quantity and Add to Cart

Quantity box and add to cart button.

8. Additional pictures

If any additional large or high resolution pictures are available they will be displayed under the main picture.
Additional pictures are displayed in a pop-up screen that you can scroll through, then close when finished.

Ordering - adding items to your cart

For most products adding an item to your cart is as simple as entering the quantity and pressing the 'Add to Cart' button, however with thousands of products to choose from, we have combined products to make ordering easier through a single selection (different colour or size) and multiple selections (colour + size). Here's an example of the three options you may see:

No options
Single option or size selection
Multiple options (colour + size selection)

Example of using multiple selections:

select colour

Pictured left is the first drop down for Mens Tee.

Firstly select the colour you require, in this example we are using a 'Red' T-shirts.

select size

Once you have selected your colour, the selection option will remain displayed in the first option - now move to the second option and select the required size (or specification) of the product.

In this example we have selected 'Large'.

On most products adding an item to your cart is as simple as entering the quantity and pressing the 'Add to Cart' button.
cart changes The item will then be added and you will see your cart total increase in the top right of page.

The Shopping Cart

A quick display of your order that can be edited/ changed live to add and remove products - making it easy to change your order's quantities without having to go back to the product page.
Shipping is also added at this stage to display a final order total.

The NEHOCdirect shopping cart

1. Products ordered

Code and description of the items you have ordered.
Click the description to link back to the large product page.

2. Quantity ordered

Change the value to increase/ decrease, with totals changing live.
Note when changing quantities Bulk Buy levels will be adjusted live enabling you to see if ordering just one more gives you a lower price.

3. Remove an item

Fast and simple way to delete an item from your order. Changes are live and cart total updates instantly.

4. Shipping method and costs

Select and calculate shipping instantly. You must select a shipping method before proceeding to the Checkout.

5. Order Total

See your order total live as you make changes/ adjust shipping options. This is the total cost you will be billed on Checkout.

6. Member Checkout

Registered members use this button to Checkout.

7. New customer checkout

If you have never ordered or registered with NEHOCdirect, this button will take you straight to the Checkout.

8. Quote option

Not ready to purchase - create a quote.
Note: You must create a Membership to save/ print a quote.

The Checkout

Once you have completed your order and selected your Shipping option, proceed to the Checkout to complete your order.
Members will have this form pre-filled with details when Signed in - making the Checkout process a fast and simple action.

The NEHOCdirect shopping cart

1. Account Information

Create your 'Username' Sign In details and password.

2. Shipping Address

Where do you want your order to be shipped?

3. Billing Information

Is your billing address different to the address you would like your goods shipped? Buying a gift for someone?

All orders are shipped to the Shipping Address and the invoice e-mailed to the Members e-mail address.
All orders are shipped on a packing slip - no pricing is detailed, just the products ordered and the quantity sent to the Shipping Address.
If customs/ duty clearance is required you must present the e-mail copy of the Invoice which will list all details required for customs clearance.

4. Your Order Number

Trade customers can enter an order number.

5. Payment Method

Select the required payment option for your order (you can change on each order):
- PayPal
- Credit Card: VISA and Mastercard
- Mail Order: Cheque, Money Order or Bank Cheque
- Bank Transfer: Electronic Funds Transfer or T.T.
- Cash deposit

6. Subscription (optional)

Optional sign up for our specials and technical newsletters..

7. Captcha

Security feature to stop robots and web crawlers submitting fraudulent orders.

6. Sale Terms

Our Sale Terms are designed to outline how we do business, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing your rights with ordering, deliveries, refunds, etc.

Once the order is submitted you will be forwarded to an order confirmation page, detailing the order number. You can follow the status of the order from the Members homepage - simply Sign in to view.

Depending on the payment option selected, you may also receive a payment receipt number or payment confirmation from PayPal.

Note on Word Verification (Captcha) Problems
Word verification is used to block bots, spam and fraudulent orders. It can not be turned off and works fine for 99% of orders, however problems with word verification can exist:

1. Your browsers cache has stored an old Word Verification, however a new one is displayed on the page you are viewing
>> Clear your browser cache by closing all windows, go to control panel / network and internet connections / internet options .... when it opens click 'delete' listed under browsing history ... delete temp internet files / delete cookies and delete history.

2. Browser security settings are not standard/ default and are set to block or limit cookies/ activeX controls - generally education and government computers where pretty much everything from the outside is blocked (those students!).
>> If the above does not work, or you don't have access to change the security settings/ browser cache clearing, then a system reboot is your only hope to clear the cache memory, or you will need to use a computer with higher privileges. This makes using our site difficult, however your browsers security policy is set to a high level by a third party and your going to have the same problems with other sites, not just ours. Look for an outside computer and place the order at home where you still have high security settings, just not restrictive ones.


After you have ordered

Your order is logged and can be viewed from the Members homepage.
You will received an order confirmation e-mail and update e-mails from NEHOCdirect once your payment is processed and then when your order is shipped.

Tracking Your Order
Where a tracking number is available for your order, the tracking number will be listed on the invoice (viewable online) and the order trackable. Our Order E-mail will list the tracking website so you can track your orders delivery progress (if option available).